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Zambia ,Botswana And Zimbabwe

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Overman Safari – Tanzania

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Privately guided Botswana – Anderson expeditions

This Safari Gallery will definitely give you a great idea of how diverse Botswana really is,no two days Were the same! a big thank you to Richard Anderson from Anderson expeditions for putting together a truly incredible itinerary which I'm sure everybody on the trip will never forget. As usual there is never just one highlight when having to choose from canoeing on the Selinda channel, incredible walking safaris, quad biking across salt pans, wild dog pups, countless leopards.. the list continues take a look at some of these photographs and you'll see what I mean,Countless lifetime experiences.

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Phill Steffny safaris – Privately guided Botswana

There is no doubt that having the privilege of a privately guided Safari and a tailor-made itinerary is the way to go. The freedom of a private vehicle really enhances the day-to-day experience . On this particular itinerary we started off in the central Kalahari and the famous deception Valley, then took off on a private charter  to the Northern parts of the Okavango Delta and finally we finished off in the Famous salt pans of central Botswana, where spending time with one of the Planets rarest tribes was an absolute highlight ! and the perfect way to finish off a week in fabulous Botswana.

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Smithsonian Safari May 2014

May is a wonderful time of year to travel to southern Africa, as it is the beginning of winter and in this case the end of a very prosperous summer. The temperatures have calmed down to very comfortable 25°C the Bush has started to thin out, Making our lives a whole lot easier when it comes to spotting  wildlife. The other really nice thing about cooler temperatures is that the animals tend to spend more time moving around which is always a bonus! As usual the trip was full of many highlights but I'm sure those of you that  were on the trip would agree finding a pride of 11 Lions feeding on a fairly large elephant definitely tops the list .

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